To celebrate the release of Containers in Tokyo, Yusuke Inoue’s first photobook, CASE TOKYO will hold an exhibition of Inoue’s series from September 8 until October 13.

Inoue’s series takes shipping containers moving through the city as its subject. Inoue freezes these containers in place, in front of a variety of backgrounds in Tokyo, using very high shutter speeds. The containers, captured with the exact same size and position in each photograph, become exemplative of the logistics system embedded in the city.

A purchasable special edition which includes an original frame designed and hand-made by the artist himself will be part of the exhibition.


Yusuke INOUE 井上雄輔

Born in 1980 in Kanagawa Prefecture. Graduated from Tokyo College of Photography in 2017. Participated in photography workshop held by Osamu Kanemura. Yusuke Inoue’s exhibitions include his solo show Brick Express (Gallery The White, Tokyo) as well as the group exhibitions Mirage ONE 2017 (Mirage Gallery, Kobe) and RAIEC TOKYO 2018 (72 Gallery, Tokyo).

Inoue received the JPS Exhibition Young Eye Award in 2016. The same year, he began shooting for the Container series, which already includes more than 3’000 individual images. The series is published in the photobook Containers in Tokyo (2018).


Case Tokyo
1-5-11 Haramachi, Meguroku-ku, Tokyo, 150-0011, Japan