[Talk Event] Eiji Ohashi × Kazuko Sekiji × Kenji Takazawa

[Talk Event] Eiji Ohashi × Kazuko Sekiji × Kenji Takazawa

Please note that you will be asked to present your digital ticket upon entering the event. You can do so either via the screen of your smartphone or a print-out of the ticket page.

Dates: June 9 (Sat), 2018
Time: 17:00-18:30 / Open:16:30
Tel: 03-6452-6705

Booking with shashasha

shashasha POP-UP SHOP (5/15-6/23)

The Daido Moriyama x shashasha pop-up shop held at CASE TOKYO has been extended and will continue until June 23.
The pop-up shop features many of Moriyama’s treasures: in addition to most releases in the “Record” series, we also offer rare and signed photobooks such as “A Room”, “Another Country in New York” and “Pantomime”.


CASE website has been renewed.

shashasha pop-up shop “Daido Moriyama”

We will hold a shashasha pop-up shop dedicated to Daido Moriyama photobooks from April 21 to May 12. The pop-up shop will open right next to CASE Tokyo exhibiton space during the duration of the Chai Wan Fire Station exhibition.

Our pop-up shop features most editions of Daido Moriyama’s “Record” series (38 issues published so far) and a few rare and signed photobooks, among them “A Room”, “Another Country in New York” and “Pantomime”.

企画の展覧会「IN PRINT, OUT OF PRINT 表現としての写真集」

この度、CASEは入江泰吉記念奈良市写真美術館にて、写真集に焦点を当てた展覧会「IN PRINT, OUT OF PRINT 表現としての写真集」を開催いたします。本展では、2015年に設立されたCASE Publishingが刊行してきた写真集を事例としながら、写真集ができあがるまでのプロセスを総合的に展示する展覧会です。 写真集の制作過程で作られる製本サンプルの「束見本」や、印刷時に版として使われるアルミ板の「刷版」、印刷色のチェックのために刷られる「校正刷り」、また印刷の最終段階で作家立会いの元調整されていく「刷り出し」など、仕上がった写真集からは見ることのできない制作現場の産物から、一冊の本が出来上がるまでにどんな工程を経て「写真」が「写真集」という表現に昇華されていくのかを明らかにします。さらには本展を通じ、今日における「写真集という表現」の可能性を検証する試みです。

展覧会ホームページ http://irietaikichi.jp/news/exhibition/160

会期:2017年12月9日(土)- 12月24日(日)

〒630-8301 奈良県奈良県奈良市高畑町600-1

荒木経惟 「愛の劇場」会期延長のおしらせ

CASE TOKYOで現在開催中の荒木経惟「愛の劇場」は、ご好評につき11月16日(木)まで会期を延長いたします。
同時開催の、shashashaポップアップショップは18日(土)まで。荒木経惟の関連写真集のほか、オンラインで購入できなくなった希少本もいくつかご用意しております。 ぜひお越しください。


Opening of new photography spaces “CASE TOKYO” and “CASE ROTTERDAM”

CASE is proud to announce the launch of CASE TOKYO and CASE ROTTERDAM

Through its publishing division “Case Publishing”, which has been publishing contemporary photography, design and art since its foundation in September 2015, it has been CASEʼs expressive mission to extend the possibilities of the artbook as a platform for a variety of visual art forms. So far, Case has been focused on the publication on art books in cooperation with a selection of renowned galleries and artists both in Japan and internationally.

As the next step, CASE will open two new spaces in Tokyo and Rotterdam (“CASE TOKYO” and “CASE ROTTERDAM”), with more locations set to open in Seoul, Berlin, Taipei and other cities. These spaces will serve both as an exhibition space to showcase new publications in Case Publishingʼs ever-growing catalog and play host to a variety of photography- related events - such as seminars, symposiums and workshops - to engage in and support cultural exchange on a local level.

"Last year Photographs" "Remote Past a Memoir : 1951-1966" IMA MAGAZINE Best Photo book 2016

Ryuichi Kaneko has named "Last year Photographs" and "Remote Past a Memoir:1951-1966" one of 2016's More Recommendations by 22 Specialists in an article by IMA MAGAZINE.