CASE Rotterdam is delighted to announce an exhibition accompanying the new release of Eiji
Ohashi’s photobook “Being there”.
Also artworks from the former publication “Roadside Lights” are showcased at the exhibition.

Vending machines all over Japan. They can be found everywhere: in lively cities, rural villages, on mountains, even under the eaves of single houses. It would not be an exaggeration to call them a fundamental part of everyday life. In Eiji Ohashi’s monochromatic images, weaved only of light and shadow, the individuality of each
vending machine emerges further, breathing new life into an everyday sight.


Eiji OHASHI 大橋英児

Born in Wakkanai, Hokkaido in 1955. Driven by the question “what does happiness mean to people?”, Ohashi began visiting the Himalayas, Tibet, Pakistan and China’s Western Regions from 1984 and documented landscapes and members of local ethnic minorities over a period of twenty years. Ohashi began photographing vending machines throughout Japan in 2008 after having started to work as a commercial photographer. Eiji Ohashi’s main exhibitions so far include “Roadside Lights” at Galerie&co199 (Paris, 2017) and “Existence of” at Zen Foto Gallery (Tokyo, 2017).


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