Toshiya Murakoshi "A gradual thaw"

November 25 Sat. - December 22 Fri.
Open: Tuesday - Saturday / 11:00-19:00
Closed on Mondays, Sundays & holidays

© Toshiya Murakoshi / Courtesy of Taka Ishii Gallery Photography / Film

CASE TOKYO is proud to announce its upcoming Toshiya Murakoshi solo exhibition "A gradual thaw", open from November 25 until December 22. Three large panoramic works, taken by Murakoshi between 2011 and 2015, will be on display in addition to two new photobook publications, "A gradual thaw" and "What is the distance to the moon?".Artefacts from the books’ development process - dummies, test prints - will allow a rare look at the interplay of photography, book design, printing technology and bookbinding, and how these individual parts of the creation process worked to create these two publications.

Toshiya Murakoshi was born in Sukagawa in Fukushima Prefecture in 1980. In 2003, Murakoshi graduated from Nippon Photography Institute. In 2009, Murakoshi established the TAP gallery in Kiyosumi-shirakawa(Tokyo). Murakoshi is the recipient of the 2011 Photographic Society of Japan Newcomer’s Award and the 2015 Sagamihara Photograph New Face Incentive Award. His artistic works form part of the collections of the National Museum of Modern Art Tokyo and San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.



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Opening Exhibition

Exhibition Chan Dick: Chai Wan Fire Station
Book Launch: Nobuyoshi Araki: Theater of Love

September 29(Fri) - November 19 (Sun) 2017

CASE Rotterdam hosts an exhibition accompanying the new release of Chan Dickʼs photobook “Chai Wan Fire Station”.

Hongkong-based photographer Chan Dick has garnered international acclaim with his photo series “Chai Wan Fire Station”. “One day, working in my office, I discovered that the window in my bathroom was overlooking theChai Wan firestation. The view had much moreto offer than I had originally imagined. Thefiremen did their training, of course, but they also played volleyball, cleaned their fire-engines,practiced unrelated stuff and so on ̶ all of these things were taking place in this small area.”Far below Dickʼs toilet window, he was looking into the small world in which the firemen lived their everyday lives. Chan Dick was drawn towards photographing the daily activities from his birdʼs-eye viewpoint for the minimalism and beauty it offered.Chan Dickʼs original publication was a critical success throughout the Asian photography world, winning him a Hong Kong Photo Book Award in 2015 and a Tokyo International FotoAward in 2016.
The CASE ROTTERDAM exhibition of Chan Dickʼs photographs ̶ and the accompanying release of the photobook “Chai Wan FireStation” by Case Publishing ̶ will be the first time Chan Dickʼs series is made available to a European audience.Furthermore, advance copies of Nobuyoshi Arakiʼs new book “Theater of Love” (to be publishedin Tokyo at the end of September) will be available for pre-purchase.



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