Chan Dick “Chai Wan Fire Station”

© Chan Dick

CASE TOKYO is pleased to announce Chan Dick's solo exhibition Chai Wan Fire Station, to be held from April 21 to May 12, 2018. Hong Kong-based photographer Chan Dick has garnered international acclaim with his photo series Chai Wan Fire Station.

“One day, working in my office, I discovered that the window in my bathroom was overlooking the Chai Wan fire station. The view had much more to offer than I had originally imagined. The firemen did their training, of course, but they also played volleyball, cleaned their fire engines, practiced unrelated stuff and so on - all of these things were taking place in this small area.” - Chan Dick

Far below Chan Dick’s toilet window, he was looking into the small world in which the firemen lived their everyday lives. Chan Dick was drawn towards photographing the daily activities from his bird’s-eye viewpoint for the minimalism and beauty it offered.

Chan Dick’s original publication was a critical success throughout the Asian photography world, winning him a Hong Kong Photo Book Award in 2015 and a Tokyo International Foto Award in 2016.

Chan Dick “Chai Wan Fire Station”
April 21 Sat. - May 12 Sat.
Open: Tuesday - Saturday / 11:00-19:00
Closed on Mondays, Sundays & holidays
Open on May 3(Thu), 4(Fri), 5(Sat)

Takuma Nakahira "Overflow"

Takuma Nakahira © Gen Nakahira Courtesy of Osiris

CASE TOKYO is pleased to announce the upcoming exhibition of Takuma Nakahira’s series Overflow (March 10 - April 14). Nakahira’s series Overflow was originally presented as an installation during the 1974 exhibition Fifteen Photographers Today (National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo). The work consisted of 48 color photographs that were arranged on a wall 6 meters wide and 1.6 meters high. The photographs show elements of a city - eery rifts in a space overflowing with objects, commodities and information - that Nakahira encountered and captured in his everyday life, from ivy creeping across walls and manhole covers in the streets to the tire of a large truck, from a pale-bellied shark floating in the transparent darkness behind the glass of an aquarium to close-up shots of a subway station. The exhibition at CASE TOKYO is held on occasion of the same-titled photobook release by Case Publishing, and aims to recreate Nakahira’s original installation. We hope our exhibition of the series, 40 years after its creation, serves as a further chance to engage with Nakahira’s thinking and photographic practice.

Takuma NAKAHIRA (1938-2015)
Born in Tokyo. Graduated from the Spanish Department of the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, then entered a publishing company where he worked for the magazine Contemporary Eye. From the mid-1960s, Nakahira began publishing essays on photography and film in various magazines and started taking photographs around the same time. Together with Koji Taki, Yutaka Takanashi, and Takahiko Okada, he co-founded the quarterly magazine Provoke, subtitled ‘Provocative Materials for Thought’ (Daido Moriyama contributed to the second and third issues). Provoke’s grainy, blurry and unfocused photographs were in contrast to established aesthetic conventions and had a strong impact on Japan’s photographic scene. After the publication of his photobook For a Language to Come, Nakahira examined his own photography in the 1973 essay collection Why an Illustrated Botanical Dictionary?. Immediately after the publication of his seminal book Duel on Photography which coupled Nakahira’s essays with photographs by Kishin Shinoyama, in November 1977 Nakahira was struck by an illness that brought him close to death. Suffering memory loss and aphasia, Nakahira gradually recovered and began taking photographs again. In 2003, the large-scale retrospective Nakahira Takuma: Degree Zero-Yokohama was held at the Yokohama Museum of Art with more than 800 photographs taken between his formative early years up until 2003, putting Nakahira’s back into the spotlight. Nakahira continued taking photographs up until his death in 2015. 2017 saw exhibitions of Nakahira’s work at the Art Institute of Chicago (Circulation) and Taipei (Takuma Nakahira) as well as numerous publications of his photography and writing.

Takuma Nakahira "Overflow"
March 10 Sat. - April 14 Sat.
Opening reception: March 10 Sat, 18:00-20:00

【Talk event】Shino Kuraishi (Poet, Critic) x Akihito Yasumi (Critic): March 24 Sat, 17:00-18:30
Ticket is available at https://www.shashasha.co/en/ticket/case0324

Toshiya Murakoshi "A gradual thaw"

© Toshiya Murakoshi / Courtesy of Taka Ishii Gallery Photography / Film

CASE TOKYO is proud to announce its upcoming Toshiya Murakoshi solo exhibition "A gradual thaw", open from November 25 until December 22. Three large panoramic works, taken by Murakoshi between 2011 and 2015, will be on display in addition to two new photobook publications, "A gradual thaw" and "What is the distance to the moon?".Artefacts from the books’ development process - dummies, test prints - will allow a rare look at the interplay of photography, book design, printing technology and bookbinding, and how these individual parts of the creation process worked to create these two publications.
In the opening reception on 25th, a bookbinding demonstration by Shinohara-shiko, the company responsible for assembling the photobook, will be held at 18:30.

Toshiya Murakoshi was born in Sukagawa in Fukushima Prefecture in 1980. In 2003, Murakoshi graduated from Nippon Photography Institute. In 2009, Murakoshi established the TAP gallery in Kiyosumi-shirakawa(Tokyo). Murakoshi is the recipient of the 2011 Photographic Society of Japan Newcomer’s Award and the 2015 Sagamihara Photograph New Face Incentive Award. His artistic works form part of the collections of the National Museum of Modern Art Tokyo and San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Toshiya Murakoshi "A gradual thaw"
November 25 Sat. - December 22 Fri.
Opening reception: November 25 Sat, 18:00-20:00
Open: Tuesday - Saturday / 11:00-19:00
Closed on Mondays, Sundays & holidays

Opening of new photography spaces

CASE is proud to announce the launch of CASE TOKYO and CASE ROTTERDAM

Through its publishing division “Case Publishing”, which has been publishing contemporary photography, design and art since its foundation in September 2015, it has been CASEʼs expressive mission to extend the possibilities of the artbook as a platform for a variety of visual art forms. So far, Case has been focused on the publication on art books in cooperation with a selection of renowned galleries and artists both in Japan and internationally.

As the next step, CASE will open two new spaces in Tokyo and Rotterdam (“CASE TOKYO” and “CASE ROTTERDAM”), with more locations set to open in Seoul, Berlin, Taipei and other cities. These spaces will serve both as an exhibition space to showcase new publications in Case Publishingʼs ever-growing catalog and play host to a variety of photography- related events - such as seminars, symposiums and workshops - to engage in and support cultural exchange on a local level.

"TENKO" Photobooks of 2016: Simon Baker

"Simon Baker, curator of photography at Tate Modern, has named TENKO one of 2016's top photobooks in an article by British Photobookstore Magazine"

"Last year Photographs"
"Remote Past a Memoir : 1951-1966"
IMA MAGAZINE Best Photo book 2016

Ryuichi Kaneko has named "Last year Photographs" とRemote Past a Memoir : 1951-1966one of 2016's More Recommendations by 22 Specialists in an article by IMA MAGAZINE.